Creation Theory

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Creation Theory

The Genesis Creation is a description of the creation of the world, as written in the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis in the Bible. The Biblical account is in stark contrast to evolution and to several other ancient Mesopotamian creation myths, while differing in its monotheistic outlook.

Chapter one describes the creation of the world by Elohim (God), by means of His spoken Word in six days and the designation of the seventh day as Sabbath, a holy (set apart) day of rest. Man and woman are created to be God’s regents over his creation. Chapter two tells of YHWH (God) creating the first man, whom he forms from clay (or dust) and into whom he “breathes” the “breath of life”.

There are 8 Theories of Creation:

1. Atheistic Evolution– Attempts to explain the origin of the universe without design or supernatural intervention by the Big Bang 12-16 billion years ago. No special purpose or reason for our existence.

2. Theistic Evolution– Attempts to explain life origins by universal expansion 3 ½ billion years ago as a result of the Big Bang. Believes in evolution bringing about life systems and the evolution of man from primates. This view interprets the Book of Genesis allegorically (no global flood). No special creation or design in the universe.

3. Progressive Creation– God created life by stages through geologically long ages of millions of years throughout history. Man is directly created by God based on primate anatomy but there is no single common ancestor.

4. Gap Theory– Belief that there is a gap of millions of years between Genesis vs.1 and vs.2 creating a gap between the original creation (vs. 1) to the fall of Lucifer and the subsequent recreation of the earth (vs. 2). This gap is used to explain the primeval state of the earth including dinosaurs, and a pre-Adamic race of humans. Man is directly created by God without the process of macroevolution. This view holds to two world-wide floods including death, destruction, and sin before the fall of Adam and Eve.

5. Day Age Theory– Creation is not a literal day (whereas a day is a solar day of 24 hours of time) but a 1,000 year period. (1 day= 1,000 years). This belief is obtained from 2 Peter 3:8. However, this verse is used out of context. This talks about judgment; not creation.

6. Revelation Day Theory– There is six successive days in which God explained to Moses the creation account. (What God had done; not when).

7. Intelligent Design– Proponents hold various beliefs. For example, Michael Behe accepts evolution from primates but holds to the principle of “irreducible complexity” as a result of intelligent design from a divine or supernatural intervention at some point in the past. Others accept a common descent. This theory does not name the source of “Intelligent Design” or attempt to explain who or what it is.

8. Young Earth Theory– The presuppositional belief in the six literal creation days of the Bible. Man directly created by God. No macroevolution of life systems. Belief in a global flood to explain catastrophic geology and fossils; not by uniformitarianism. No eons of time (millions or billions of years); the age of the earth and universe is less than 10,000 years old according to scientific creation.

  1. Dale Stuckwish says:

    Young Earth Theory Is the one I believe. Read “Days in Genesis” and “Biblical Cryptozoology”. Both books give why I stand on Young Earth Creationism. These books can be viewed on

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