Theistic Evolution

Posted: January 16, 2012 by Maverick in Christianity, Creation, Philosophy, Religion
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Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution attempts to explain life origins by universal expansion 3 ½ billion years ago as a result of the Big Bang. The belief that evolution brought about life systems and the evolution of man from primates. This view interprets the Book of Genesis allegorically (no global flood). There is no special creation or design in the universe.

This belief became a popular compromise in the 19th century, which attacked Darwin’s natural selection. Nevertheless, naturalistic mechanisms such as Lamarckism were favored as being more compatible with purpose than natural selection.

In order to reconcile Lamarckism with the Bible, some theists took the general view that, instead of faith being in opposition to biological evolution, some or all classical religious teachings about Christian God and creation are compatible with evolution.

In general this views evolution as a tool used by God, to create life systems into being; it is therefore well accepted by people of strong theistic (as opposed to deistic) convictions. Theistic evolution also can blend with the Day-Age theory of the Genesis account; considering that the first chapters of Genesis should not be interpreted as a “literal” description, but rather as a literary framework or allegory.

From a theistic evolutionary viewpoint, the underlying laws of nature were designed by God and that the complexity of the entire physical universe evolved from fundamental particles in processes such as stellar evolution and the Big Bang, wherein life forms developed in biological evolution, and in the same way the origin of life by natural causes has resulted from these laws.

Theistic evolution can be described as a “creation theory” in holding that divine intervention brought about the origin of life or that divine Laws govern formation of species, though many Young-Earth creationists would deny that this position is creationism at all. In the creation-evolution debate its proponents generally take the “evolutionary” side. While supporting the methodological naturalism inherent in modern science, the proponents of theistic evolution reject the implication taken by some atheists that this gives credence to ontological materialism.


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