Young Earth Creationism

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The point at which natural events performed at an optimally functional state is more recent than naturalists have envisioned. This clearly violates random evolutionary development of theses systems and strongly favors special young earth creation.

1. Cosmological Activity– Light echoes from two “ancient” supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud are now reported to be only 410 and 610 years old.[1] Supernova remnants of RCW 86 in Centaurus supposedly exploded about 10,000 years ago. Astronomers now realize this event was witnessed by the Chinese a mere 1,821 years ago.[2] Increasing awareness of recent dates to cosmological activity in the vicinity of our Solar System and our Galaxy fit nicely with the creation model. The “near heavens” are young, and “deep time” in “deep space” is readily explained by the stretching of space fabric during the first week of creation.[3]

2. Youthful Age of the Sun– A team of Russian astronomers, writing in the respected British scientific journal Nature[4]demonstrated how their research pointed clearly to the startling fact that the sun does not seem to possess a large dense nuclear burning core. Instead, their results modeled the sun as bearing characteristics of a very young homogenous star.[5]

3. Rapid Decay of Earth’s Magnetic Field– It has been demonstrated that the total energy in the earth’s magnetic field is decreasing with a half-life of approximately 1,400 years.[6] At that rate the field could not be more than 20,000 years old.[7] Any point beyond 10,000 years would not permit biological molecules to hold together.

4. Human Population Growth– The science of population growth statistics given in standard texts predicts a current population of about 6.5 billion people, beginning with eight people around 4,500 years ago. On the other hand, using the same criteria applied to assumed evolutionary dates, earth’s population after only 41,000 years would be 2 x 1089  population. There is not enough room to pack this number of human bodies in the entire known universe![8]

5. Increasing Dysfunction of the Infant Human Brain– In its original genetic potential “the uniquely human ‘consciousness’- variously defined as language, introspection, self-awareness, and abstract thinking- eludes scientific measurement.”[9] “People can actually reason, anticipate consequences, and devise plans- all without knowing they are doing so.”[10] Yet, the prevalence of autistic disorder in human infants, indicating genetic and environmental dysfunction, has increased at an alarming rate from 1994 through 2006, and is still rising.[11] Taken at face value this scientific measurement of human brain capacity shows the opposite of human evolution. Using this scientific measurement of “efficiency” to “degeneration” of the human brain renders a time span in only thousands of years.

6. Rapid Rise in Human Genetic Disorders– New human genetic disorders have increased in an accelerating pattern in spite of medical and public health advances.[12][13] This information demonstrates a recent limit to the optimal function of the human body and its supportive environment.

7. Intact Biological Material– DNA and other biological material rapidly decay due to natural radioactivity, mutations, and chemical breakdown. Measurements of the mutation rates of mitochondrial DNA recently forced researchers to revise the age of “mitochondrial Eve” from a theorized 200,000 years down to possibly as low as 6,000 years![14] Bacteria allegedly 250 million years old apparently have been revived with no DNA damage.[15] Experts have been astounded by the discovery of soft tissue and blood vessels from a T. Rex Dinosaur.[16]

The conclusion from these data, along with discoveries like Carbon 14 in diamonds assumed to be hundreds of millions or billions of years old[17] demonstrate that science (when properly understood and taken at face value) supports a young earth and recent creation.

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