The Rock Wall Phenomenon

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Archaeology
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Joe Taylor & I visited Rock Wall, Texas to investigate the phenomenon of an apparent ancient rock wall underground in which the namesake of Rockwall, Texas was named in the 1850’s. Benjamin Boydstun, Terry Utley Wade and William Clay Stevenson began settling that area and are credited with finding the wall. Since the men could not agree on the town name, the settlers agreed on the name of Rockwall. This rock wall is a rectangular structure approximately 3.5 miles wide by 5.6 miles long encompasses an area of up to some 20 square miles.

It was reported on Friday, May 28, 1886, by the Rockwall Success, Rockwall County’s first newspaper that human artifacts were found although this can no longer be substantiated.

Rockwall Success May 28, 1886

“The greatest wonders that we have to record this week is the finding of a petrified human skull. While at work last Saturday, Ben Burton unearthed with his plow, a gigantic skull, fully as large as a halfbushel. The staring sockets wherein the eyeballs once rolled, were as large as a half-gallon cup. Some few of the jaw-teeth still remained; one of them about an inch thick by two inches long. This goes to prove that this county was once inhabited by a race of people that would be wonderful to look at now. Dr. Wiggins thinks it the skull of some ante-deluvian giant, that would have weighed at least 1000 pounds. Any one wishing to see this mammoth skull, can do so by calling at The Success office, as Mr. Burton says he will leave it there for inspection. –– Sam Slick”

Rockwall Success June 4, 1886 No. 19

“Wonders will never cease. Immediately after it was generally known that Mr. J. B. Burton had found the gigantic petrified skull, a large crowd collected and set about making an examination of the surrounding ground. Spades, picks, and axes were plentiful and in use. Mr. W. R. Grier might have been seen pounding the ground with a huge hammer, and intently listening after each successive blow, when he was heard to call out, “This way boys!” There was a general rush to his position. “Listen Boys,” said Grier as he brought the hammer down with a heavy thump on a large flat rock.

To the astonishment of all, the hammer slipped from Grier’s hands, and after a short interval, was heard to strike something below that had the clear distinct ring of metal. Now the wildest excitement prevailed. A lantern and rope were quickly brought, and the earth was rapidly cleared away. The hole in the rock, which proved to be slate, was enlarged and the lantern was let down into the murky darkness. At last Messrs Burton, Grier and J. B. Steger volunteered to descend and explore the mystery. The cavity proved to be a chamber about 60×100 feet square, and 40 feet from the floor to the slate roof through which they had effected an entrance. This roof was supported on pillars of black marble, whose polished sides glittered in the lamplight and made one think of the orient.

According to Mary Pattie (Wade) Gibson, granddaughter of T.U. Wade (who was one of the founders) gives further historical details regarding what her grandfather and other men did. It is reported that there were cubicles or rooms constructed of stone which you could walk into and reach a corridor which seemed to run in a direction into the hill in which the town square now sits above. She told of an incident in 1906 of two unidentified men digging out the corridor which had apparently been filled with erosion. Their intent was to reach a room full of gold according to Indian legend. The ceiling of the corridor had steep slopes (describing a Gothic type arched ceiling, much like the Mayans built), and as the two men excavated further into the corridor, the steeper the slope of the ceiling became, and consequently, the men abandoned the site in fear of structural collapse.

In 1922, men were digging a water well when at about thirty- five feet down they discovered an almost perfect square opening through the wall, which has been referred to as a “window.” The opening was two feet square, in a two foot section of the wall. The total depth of the shaft was forty-two feet, but they did not find the bottom of the structure. (J.Glenn, 1950).

Mrs. Gibson also spoke of her grandfather’s investigation of the wall in which he discovered on the outside that the wall went straight down about forty feet. Additional information was provided by the daughter of the late Mr. Deweese, an early settler of Rockwall, who described a doorway with a diagonal shaped stone in the wall at the Wade residence on Highway 66. This portion of the wall was open to visitors from 1936 until the late 1940’s, but was eventually back filled because of dangerous structural conditions.

In 1949, a Mr. Sanders of Fort Worth, Texas, did an excavation of the wall. From this excavation four large stones were brought up with the largest weighing approximately two tons. It is claimed that other artifacts such as a large stone with possible unknown writing and an animal artifact have been found at the site. These extremely dense stones have been underground, therefore erosion has not been the cause of the designs on them. Moreover, there are no other stones or portions of the wall with inscriptions or diagrams that have been discovered to date. (J. Glenn, 1950)

There are other reports of doorways or windows found in the wall through thepast 100 years such as reported in the Dallas Morning News, 5 November 1967 by Frank X. Tolbert, “Back in the 1920’s, T.H. Meredith said a well was dug on his farm just east of the town of Rockwall, and Mr. Meredith declared that the digging went along side a masonry wall which seemed to have an arch over a doorway or window.”

Could this be that this is remnants of some ancient, long lost civilization? Geologists generally believe that it is simply a geological feature called a clastic sand dike. It is important to understand however that no one knows what this feature is exactly or how it was created. Nevertheless, we should investigate this area more closely with continuing excavations so that we may be able to advance our understanding of the phenomenon at Rockwall.

Update April 29th: FYI – early voting starts tomorrow for the bond election that includes the rock wall prop in it. Actual election day is May 12, so less than 2 weeks and we will know.

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    • Dale Conkel says:

      I just visited the Rockwall Library yesterday and they said that a History Channel film crew was visiting Rockwall to do a video on the rock formations in Rockwall. Its funny but she thought I was one of the film crew doing research when I asked about books about the origin of the wall. Earlier in the week on Christian TV I watched “It’s Supernatural” and the topic was biblical giants as spoke of in Genesis. I remembered I read about the Giant skull found in the 1800’s in Rockwall how the founder sold tickets for local folk to see it. It was also mentioned in the town newspaper. So I was led back to Rockwall last night to see what I could find out. Watch out for History Channel release of this show.

      • Bob L Liles says:

        Yes do be wary of exactly ‘what’ one hears and sees on the History Channel. I have found they only give the audience what “they” choose and put a ‘slant’ on many facts which will make one doubt their own beliefs. Never expect the plain old truth from this money making machine called the “History Channel” because it is a history channel they wish to make a coherent attempt at lying when it comes to facts.

      • Dale Conkel says:

        I did not believe the History Channel explanation. Because how can a rectangular shape of the wall possibly be naturally occurring.

    • Komikino says:

      It’s a sand dyke! Thanks for explaining this mystery History Channel!

      • Z says:

        Sometimes watching the History Channel still leaves one with a bit of doubt as to how a sand dike could be formed in a concerted circle, much less a rectangular mass.

      • Bob L Liles says:

        A ‘sand dyke’? Some fresher eyes and brains should be on this wall until there is way more info processed and given to the public for their judgments, before the secular media twists the truth if necessary to make the wall be what ever they think it should be . Maybe just me, I believe there is more to this very large geographical structure, man-made, or, naturally occurring.

  2. Seems there is much information not included in the Bible we have today. I believe it is King James’ Council of Nicea that decided, by the Kings’ authority, what to include as actual Scripture which is used in the vast majority of todays’ versions and translations as The Bible. Just because the Scriptures of the Bible doesn’t go into such great detail about the mathematics, technologies, medical advancements, and structural knowledge man had in the days of Noah, does not mean “Humans”, made in God’s image, were Darwin’s “Cave Men”.

    • biashistory says:

      It appears that you have some items confused. The Council of Nicea was held in 325 A.D. in Nicea which is a city in northern modern day Turkey. The King James Bible was not authorized until 1611 in England. Yes the Church Fathers did discuss the content of the Bible but they discussed it as a matter of what should be considered the Bible or infallible scripture and they had a very high threshold for what was to be considered scripture. A lot of what was rejected was rejected because it had come from the main issue to which they attempting to address, namely heresies such as Arianism and trinitarian heresies in the Church. A problem was that no one held to a consistent view of what constituted authoritative scripture thus they had to first settle that issue in order to progress to understanding what was in the scripture.

      • Biashistory, I thank you for the info on the dates and people which I was not sure about. One thing, I do believe that some reading of some of the “Lost Books” could be valuable to a lot of us. If nothing else, just for comparison to the accepted Scriptures. And maybe gain a better understanding of some of the writings not included in the Bible.

    • Barbara Land says:

      The Bible is about a history of God’s dealings with His people & others & it does pretty much explain EVERYTHING as far as I’ve been able to see. Gen. 6:4 tells us about the Fallen angels coming to earth to mate with earth’s women with their offspring being the giants in earths history, who were all over the world; seen & written about by early explorers. They’re the one’s that Joshua was fighting to get out of the promised land, King Og being the last one. We are now overwhelmed by all kinds of facts & examples about them; bones being found of huge people & all sorts of artifacts. The Smithsonian and the “Learned” of this world would have us believe in Darwin’s theory, but he never heard about DNA, & the “learned” men are quickly being proven to be false. If you don’t understand about the giants, who may have built the rock walls under Rockwall, and all the other megalithic structures, then you don’t have God’s Spirit on you enough to even understand what The Bible is saying. By knowing about the Nephilim & Fallen Angels you learn to also understand more about Satan & his doings.

      • Greg Offord says:

        nice to see other people see what i see, genesis 6, jude 14, books of enoch. i love it all :) god bless where are you on the ufo’s and crop circles ??? i love other opinions

      • A.S. Judkins says:

        Well I’ve written a new book called “Alien Agenda: the Return of the Nephilim”. It is available at

      • Bob L Liles says:

        I agree with all you have said about all this information being in the Bible. It is. Fact. Only ‘one’ thing, and it’s most likely just me and my thoughts, about having the Spirit of God. “I” believe that if one has the Spirit there is God’s hand on them. I believe that if you do have the Spirit of God that it is an “all or nothing”, NOT one “having enough” of His Spirit to accomplish anything. To me, it is like saying I’ll check into being a Christian later, right now I am too busy. By that, they have just proved they are without His Spirit. Hence, they have rejected the Word of God. His Scriptures.

    • DL Holmes says:

      Concerning the bible comment, Gen 6 says that “their were giants in the land”, and even in the new testament references to tthe book of Enoch are scattered through the scriptures, and unless you have read Enock you have no idea what it is talking about. The fact is, creation is much older than most people know, and humans and humanoid giants with great techknologies excisted throughout most of it. I believe the wall is man made, and used to seperate the inhabitants inside from the dangers outside.

  3. Van says:

    Well it looks like it is official now, the bond election prop 4 (the rock wall), failed :(.  The vote was 35% in favor and 64% against.  Maybe next time…

  4. Bob L says:

    Our history has many mysteries yet to be discovered. I love exploring our past, Biblically. I am not well educated, but, I do enjoy all this stuff! Have a great day!@ Bob

  5. Barbara Land says:

    I know that God gave us the knowledge that He knew we needed to know to understand His words for us. Nothing totally important was left out. There’s enough there for us to understand the whole purpose of everything.

  6. I believe that our Creator has passed along enough information, for all believer’s in Jesus Christ, to understand exactly what He wants us to know as we are now. I am happy and my mind and heart is settled on my God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, to be my Saviour. I am saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and I am going to Heaven. All the Biblical Archaelogy wriiten about and all the other ‘mysteries’ are my favorite things to read about in and outside the Bible.

  7. Z says:

    Looks like, perhaps, this subject is set to air on the History Channel late in 2013.

  8. […] some info. on it The Rock Wall Phenomenon | Aaron Judkins Rockwall considers excavating its historic namesake | Dallas – Fort Worth Rock Wall – […]

  9. J Rod says:

    Pretty amazing…

  10. Frank John says:

    I would have thought that archeoligists would have been all over this site if it had any authenticity

  11. Danny B says:

    Just know that anything that you see on The History Channel is purely presented to sell a story.
    Truth and accuracy are not important as long as the story seems interesting and will potentialy pull in viewers.
    I know this because my very good friend is one of the paid “experts” that The History Channel hires for opinions on any of the Nostradamus and “future telling / prophesy” type programs.
    He will straight up tell you that the producers edit his words and assign answers to re-written questions.
    The America Un-Earthed program about Rockwall’s rock wall was amateur crap and if their scientific abilities were not any better than their production abilities then the program is doubly crap.

  12. wdsta1 says:

    Ths is a great article.Alot of interestng facts.I just watched America Unearthed and Scott Wolter the host of the show debunked the texas rockwall theory that giants built the wall?I must admit- i was very disapointed with his findings.I feel the short time frame he had to make a claim if its manmade or a natural phenomina wasnt enough time to come up with a substantial conclusion!To me the theory about ancient large humans and ths huge wall is kept buried for a reason.Who knows maybe Scott was visited by the Men in Black and was told to tone it down with his findings.Surely inside Scott truely knows that ths wall was built and not a natural phenomina!But to stay on the air he was told to debunk the giant and manmade wall theory!Even thow there is so much evidence that proves ths theory. I was hoping that they were gunna find that early giant humans built this wall!fuckkkkkk!!hahaha..

  13. Derek Gale says:

    I watched the History Channel episode -“the great rock wall of Texas” .. the guy who stars in the show .. said the rock wall was a natural phenomena and not man made … I don’t believe a word that guy said .. it looked like he was lying … I believe your Rock wall in Texas is truly a man made structure .. the guy from the history channel only took samples in small areas from what they shown on tv … I’ll call him a liar and full of it.. he was definitely hiding something .

  14. Richard Robb says:

    Since John Wesley Powell became head of the Smithsonian Ethnology/Archaeology Department in 1879, there has been a systematic cover up all a-typical discoveries. Powell and his successors were strict Darwinian evolutionists, believing that man started a a diminutive ape, and gradually became more upright, intelligent, and “human.” No room for giants. Due to the prestige of the Smithsonian and its government aegis, this has been the position adopted by academia. It is arbitrary, biased, and un-scientific. The last scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is a perfect illustration. If the ballot measure passes, you can expect strong resistance from academia, as they feel their Status as Experts is on the line.

  15. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is wonderful blog.
    A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  16. Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other sites?
    I have a blog centered on the same subjects you discuss and would really
    like to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would enjoy your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an email.

  17. lisa clark says:

    Before i even read the “giant” story i thk they wer either living free there or imprisoned there the natural wall or built by giants ppl tht move by faith or gifted like myself no tht our civilation whether told or not no tht we r being fed the truth slowly for we wer asleep n sum still r but during my N.D.E my eyes wer opened long ago… the flood was sent to erase mistakes made by divine beings n humans n giants were born but we r here cuz they arent.THERE WAS A GOD GIVEN PLAN… GIANTS WERE ACCIDENTS N MADE TO BUILD STONEHENGE ENGLAND N AMERICA, ROCKWALL ETC (All aligning with soltices) but keep seeking the truth! Its time to OPEN OUR EYES

  18. pek says:

    You guys are hilarious.

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