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City of the Dead- Chongos, Peru

Posted: January 13, 2014 by Maverick in Archaeology


We headed out to Chongos, the City of the Dead recently and were accompanied by the Mayor of Pisco who gave us a police escort to the site!  Chongos is a very barren place!  It is a waste-land that stretches for 17 miles and it houses the buried dead of the mysterious and enigmatic Paracas & the Chinca peoples.  Chongos is littered with human remains from the Juacarro’s—grave robbers. They have been plundering the tombs that lie here for the last hundreds of years! It is very sad! Behind me is a pyramid in ruins. The mayor told me the last excavation done here was by an American Archaeologist in 1901!


LA Marzulli was looking over an area that had been plundered and discovered a Paracas skull with only one parietal plate and no saggital suture!   Here is a bowl that was laying in one of the open graves.  And the search continues!



On Assignment in Peru!

Posted: January 12, 2014 by Maverick in Archaeology


I’m in Peru with LA Marzulli, Chase (UFO investigator) and Joe Taylor.  We all met up in Lima recently & toured this site of a reconstructed ancient pyramid.

The tour guide, who is state sponsored, told us that the pyramid was erected to the fish god.  He then revealed that human sacrifice was done at the site every 15 to 20 years.

Ritualistic Human sacrifice The construction of this pyramid is similar to a ziggurat- one in which like Nimrod constructed in Babel, seem to act as gateway to the gods. (The false ones!)

We see this in Chitzen Itza, Mexico and read about it in our Bibles with Baal worship as the Israelites sacrifice their children to Molech on the high places!

HeadWe also toured the newly constructed Paracas exhibit at the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Lima & received unprecedented access!  We saw evidence of cradle head-boarding but also saw one skull which had only one parietal plate.  The skull to your left is one that was cradle boarded.

Brien Foerster asked one of the officials there, where did the Paracas people come from.  The man was taken off guard and gesturing with his finger, pointed toward the sky!

We are on the trail & filming Watchers 8 in Peru!