City of the Dead- Chongos, Peru

Posted: January 13, 2014 by Maverick in Archaeology


We headed out to Chongos, the City of the Dead recently and were accompanied by the Mayor of Pisco who gave us a police escort to the site!  Chongos is a very barren place!  It is a waste-land that stretches for 17 miles and it houses the buried dead of the mysterious and enigmatic Paracas & the Chinca peoples.  Chongos is littered with human remains from the Juacarro’s—grave robbers. They have been plundering the tombs that lie here for the last hundreds of years! It is very sad! Behind me is a pyramid in ruins. The mayor told me the last excavation done here was by an American Archaeologist in 1901!


LA Marzulli was looking over an area that had been plundered and discovered a Paracas skull with only one parietal plate and no saggital suture!   Here is a bowl that was laying in one of the open graves.  And the search continues!


  1. ty towriss says:

    Very cool Aaron. Huge stuff you’re uncovering. YHWH cover and protect you guys.

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