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Program Purpose

The Certificate in Biblical Archaeology correspondence program deals with the study of the archaeology of the Old Testament Scriptures. The purpose of this certificate program is to help students gain a fuller understanding in Bible Archaeology, to reconstruct the local color of biblical peoples & places, and to learn that archaeology authenticates the Holy Bible.

The Certificate in Biblical Archaeology offered by the Millennium Bible Institute requires completion of the Crash Course in Biblical Archaeology with accompanying tests and passing the final exam (to be mailed at a later date).

Program Prerequisite

None required. This correspondence course is open to everyone: adults, teenagers, bible & college students.

Program Requirements

Completion of each ancient empire course with test questions at the end of each & a final exam.

Program Details

Each course is via correspondence at your own pace & is accompanied by a two DVD video set with a comprehensive notebook with over 200 pages of notes and supplemental bonus material!

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