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X-Files: Part 2

One of the clearest areas of human activity where God has “confounded the wise” (1 Corinthians 1:27) and “made wise the simple” (Psalm 19:7) is in the area of creation evidence. This is especially true in the list of tangible artifacts of evidence that I refer to as the “Creation X-Files” owned by the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. The official academic position held by the secular establishment, and even by most religious institutions, is that of evolutionary development over vast periods of time.

Secular scientist John Little admitted that “Evolution is the creation myth of our age…A belief in evolution is a religion in itself.”[1] In his introduction to a special edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species evolutionist L.H. Matthews wrote: “Most biologist accept it (ie. Evolution) as though it were a proven fact, although this conviction rests upon circumstantial evidence, it forms a satisfactory faith on which to base our interpretation of nature.”[2] The “Creation X-Files” dispels the myth of evolution and exposes it to be a religion devoid of factual basis.


1. “…This Mississippi Caddo Indian terra cotta dates to circa 1200 A.D., and features a handle in the form of a baby dinosaur. The details are so realistic that the markers of the pottery must have seen living dinosaurs in order to produce such features.

2. “Cretaceous” Limestone with Alvis Delk Human Footprint and Theropod Dinosaur Footprint…The sedimentary rock layer has been dated at 110 million years by evolutionary assignment, yet two separate laboratories have confirmed the compression features under each footprint, using Spiral CT scan techniques. Evolutionary Theory separates these life forms by 109 of the 110 million years. Evolution is hereby exposed to be in profound error.

3. “Cretaceous” Limestone with Human Fossil Finger discovered by Mrs. Hitt…Spiral CT scans revealed the fingernail, cartilaginous ligaments, replaced bone, and all three joints (medial, distal, and proximal). This simple, but specific, fossilized finger points (no pun intended) to untenable falsehoods in evolutionary theory.

4. “Cretaceous” Limestone O.W. Willett Human Footprint with a Pterosaur Footprint…

CT scans revealed both footprints to be genuine. This artifact was removed from the Park Ledge in the mid-1950’s before it was against the law to do so. Remnants of six human footprints still remain on the ledge. Numerous dinosaur footprints can be seen today in the immediate vicinity. Evolution is once again falsified.

5. The “London Artifact”; an iron hammer deposited in “Early Cretaceous” rock near London, Texas. Discovered by Frank and Emma Hahn.

This rock is dated according to the evolutionary timescale at 140 million years old, yet this man-made artifact contains the compound FeO (iron oxide) on the surface, and a portion of the handle is coalified. The events of Noah’s Flood explain these details far better than can be supported by evolution.

6. “Permian-Triassic” rock containing the A.M. Coffee Human Footprint…according to evolution, human footprints did not evolve until a few hundred thousand years ago, yet this rock is dated at 230 million years. Nine eight-inch footprints in the rock series were discovered by Mr. Coffee. A child’s footprint can be seen nearby. This evidence is beginning to confound the wisest evolutionist.

7. “Pennsylvania Carboniferous” coal containing an Iron Pot discovered by Frank Canard in Oklahoma. The coal from which the pot was extracted is dated evolutionary at 395 million years. The manmade artifact still has residue of coal adhering to the inside bottom. If the pot is “modern” and intruded into the massive sedimentary seam of coal, then no fossil or artifact found in sedimentary deposits can be designated “ancient” in age. If the pot is as old as the coal seam, then the Global Deluge explains how it got there.

8. “Cambrian” Slate Stone containing the Meister Print, a human sandal print with embedded trilobite fossils. The embedded trilobites have been identified as Elrethia gengi, and are assigned an evolutionary age of 550 million years. The sandal print still bears depressions of the stitching along the sides. Wear on the outside of the heal area is consistent with human locomotion. This places man at the bottom of the “Geologic Column”, and compresses the time factor to recent co-habitation of all living creatures, from trilobites to man.


A twenty-foot “Wall of Truth” (see below) has been erected at the Creation Evidence Museum ( featuring replicas of these artifacts in their appropriate places of discovery. The actual artifacts are on display in the center of the museum. Evidence of human artifacts deposited throughout the Geologic Column destroys any hope of evolutionary interpretation. Creation truth has confounded the “wise” and made “wise” the simple.

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 [1] John Little, “When Scientists are Unscientific”, New Scientist, 109 (1986), pp. 50-51

[2] L.H. Matthews, Introduction to 1971 edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species


It is generally recognized that the rocks have left us a record of human activity in the past. But in 1976, the finding of the Laetoli footprints in Africa literally put evolution back on the map. Mary Leaky discovered 70 human footprints in stone, some 3.7 million years old in tuff, in Tanzania known as the Laetoli tracks. But archaeologists have interpreted them the age to fit the social paradigm of human evolution.
They looked like they were made by modern human beings, but that created a problem. The depressions left by our ancestors were in a stratum dated at 3.7 million years. No modern human could have laid down that track since we were not around yet according to evolution.
Did humans evolve over millions of years through evolutionary change? Was life seeded from outer space by alien-like creatures with advanced technology? Or are we the product of special creation as outlined in Genesis?
Could these footprints in stone simply be as they appear – from a modern human? To the scientific community it’s unthinkable and unacceptable. Why? Because they would have to conclude that either modern man is much older than we have thought or that our dating techniques are faulty. Either way, there is a big problem for scientists. So, “interpretation” of evidence is an important tool that often comes to their rescue.

But this is not the last time that human fossil footprints have been found in ancient rock strata. Many track sites around the world point to a global phenomenon and continue to pose life’s four great questions (Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose here? Where am I going)? Evolution embodies the frustrations of questionable identity, uncertain past, meaningless present, and a hopeless future.
It is apparent that as more discoveries are made, they will continue to contradict the accepted evolutionary model. In fact, more recent conclusions by scientists show that the fossil evidence is devastating to the evolutionary model and negates the entire concept of uniformity and the evolution of man.

I have spent the last 15 years excavating and researching this phenomenon which began on the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. I have interviewed on several occasions over the years the old-timers such as the late Emmitt McFall, who was born and raised in Glen Rose. He showed me personally where these giant human fossil footprints have been discovered and where others had been cut out in the 1930’s by the early researchers. I have also interviewed, the late Grover Gibbs who has co-authored the book, “Valley of the Giants”. He has also explored the region of the Paluxy River ever since he was a kid. Growing up he worked at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Glen Rose. Occasionally, the young Grover gave tours to people who wanted to see the dinosaur tracks and human tracks.
In the late 60’s C.N. Doughtery (co-author of Valley of the Giants) moved to the Glen Rose area and began to research the tracks. In their book he explains that when asking the locals how big the human tracks were they would slowly spread their hands apart till about the 18-24 inch mark.

Could man once have been 12-18 feet tall?

Doughtery walked the river month after month waiting for the right conditions to spot these alleged goliath sized impressions. Two years later his efforts paid off and spotted not one but two giant men tracks. The prints measured 21 and one half inches long and 8 inches across the toes with a seven foot stride from heal to heal. A man with 22 inch feet and a 7-foot step would be approximately 12 foot tall!

But were these human tracks? Both Gibbs and Doughtery were convinced till their deaths.
If a footprint in stone does not appear to be made by a modern type human then it is not a problem for evolution. A footprint from an apelike creature in stone poses no problem. If the footprints around the world seem modern then they support Genesis. Were these footprints in ash and stone caught as the world heaved during the Flood? Is the fact that they are next to dinosaurs indicate we lived at the same time as the giant plants, insects and animals of the ancient world? The first several chapters of Genesis talk of man being giants. Goliath and the King of Bashan give us glimpses of these giants by placing them at approx. 10-12 feet tall.

Nevertheless, human fossil footprints present a huge problem and threat to the scientific community. Here’s why:

1.) If the tracks are millions of years old, why haven’t they eroded away millions of years ago? Running water over a print for 65 million years should have erased these prints so long ago. Since they were not eroded away, could it mean that they were placed down recently – perhaps only a few thousand years ago?
2.) Dinosaur tracks are found in the same limestone strata as the human fossil footprints. This indicates that dinosaurs and men lived at the same time and not 60 million years apart as evolution teaches!
3.) A human with a seven foot stride and 21 inch feet means that at least one 12 foot giant man lived at some point in prehistory.

What if the footprints are from a modern human?

The implications of the Paluxy river footprints are significant. Dinosaurs and giant human tracks in the same strata imply that:

A.) Evolution has to rewrite its theories and timelines so that humans and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously.
B.) Aliens seem less likely as an explanation for our existence.
C.) Greater confidence can be put in the book of Genesis, which states that God created all living things in 6 days.

Modern human footprints in stone agree with Genesis.

But this is only a brief introduction to this intriguing subject of human footprints in stone. If you would like to continue this study there is a good resource book on this entitled, “Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints”. You can get your copy today available at